An ACE intermodal chassis is the smartest solution for speedy loading and unloading of your intermodal containers. With our modernized intermodal tipper trailers, we’re making it easy to get the job done right every time.

Designed for both 20' and 40' containers, our intermodal shippers leverage ACE’s decades of expertise in truck body and trailer manufacturing. Designed for efficiency and simplicity, they are just like our popular 25' & 40' roll-off trailers with just a few modifications.

For example, having a lower height than our roll-off trailer means it’s much easier to accommodate the height of your intermodal containers. Featuring a 45-70-degree tipping angle, contingent upon the model and dump cylinder, and equipped with two telescopic 4-stage lift cylinders, our intermodal trailers are highly versatile and the most efficient way to load and unload containers.

Custom applications

Businesses love coming to use because they know we’ll be able to customize their intermodal trailer to meet their specific needs. Coming in a selection of sizes and configurations, we can build a trailer that maximises your legal weight while increasing operational efficiency. Our trailers also eliminate the need for manual unloading or costly container tippers.

Flexible trailer configurations

Backed up by our years of delivering unmatched adaptability in trailer design, our intermodal trailers can accommodate 20' and 40' containers, which means you have plenty of options to meet diverse shipping needs. This flexibility in trailer configuration streamlines logistical operations and can optimize your efficiency across intermodal freight transportation.

Dual-purpose functionality

The hallmark of an ACE intermodal trailer is in its multifunctionality. It’s not just a reliable way to transport goods, but once they arrive at their destination the trailer has efficient unloading platforms. This dual-purpose design streamlines the entire logistics process, eliminating the need for manual unloading or additional costly equipment. By combining transportation and unloading functionalities into the one trailer, intermodal freight handling is a breeze.

Intermodal trailer customization options

We offer an extensive range of customization options for our intermodal trailers, whether it’s the addition of extra axles or extended lengths tailored to your business’s specific requirements. For customers who want the trailer for heavy haul applications, you can have a second lift cylinder installed at the front, which makes work more stable and, most importantly, faster. Our trailers are meticulously designed and will meet your transportation needs – no matter the industry or locations you operate in.

Frame and frameless trailer styles

Choose between two distinct trailer styles: frame and frameless. Framed has user-friendly hook-and-go connections that are compatible with any semi-tractor. If you go for the frameless option, it can maximize your legal weight limit and increase maneuverability, which is perfect to operators seeking optimal weight distribution and total control. Both styles have been engineered with careful attention to detail to meet the dynamic needs of modern shipper facilities.

Advanced suspension systems

Our intermodal trailers feature advanced suspension systems. The frame-style trailers are equipped with the H9700 spring suspension system, which focuses on durability and reliability even under the most challenging operating conditions. Meanwhile, the frameless-style trailers use the Hutch H900 single point suspension system, which boasts superior lifting capacity of up to 75,000 lb., greater maneuverability and better weight distribution. These advanced suspension systems are just one reason why continue to redevelop our designs in order to deliver superior trailer performance.

Unmatched innovation in intermodal freight transportation

Since we first started manufacturing intermodal trailers back in 2005, we’ve remained committed to continuous innovation to support freight transportation operators. We always strive to reimagine and overhaul our semi trailer designed carriers, all with the goal of delivering trailers that can seamlessly integrate with rail transport and container depots. Our trailers are engineered to work hard in even the most testing conditions. The result? Swift and secure transportation within intermodal networks.

Streamlined container chassis and handling

Every skeletal trailer can securely carry an intermodal container, which means you don’t have to worry about navigating the complexities of flat cars during transit. Our smart trailer design reduces handling difficulties and makes container loading and unloading so simple. Our trailers also provide the most reliable solution for transporting containers across various modes of transport. Hassle-free operations and streamlined logistical workflows are what you’ll get with an ACE intermodal trailer.

Always delivering efficiency and safety

At ACE we are dedicated to customer safety and operational efficiency – it’s embedded in our company culture and you can see it built into every part of our intermodal trailers. From robust structural design to cutting-edge safety features, we place reliability and security above all else. No matter your transportation or loading and unloading needs, you can trust that our trailers have been engineered with safety at their heart.