Transfer Trailers

Having manufactured steel transfer trailers since 1973, we are industry leaders in delivering trailers that will economically transport high tonnages of solid waste to distant disposal sites.

Ejector system

Our steel transfer trailers feature an innovative “T-track” system that allows for worry-free operations. With this design, compacting and unloading materials happens in a highly efficient way that other manufacturers simply can’t match. Unlike competitors using wall tracks prone to warping, our system uses the subframe, centring the ejection ram. Taking this approach means our floor trailers enjoy a longer lifespan and are less prone to damage risks. It also prevents binding issues during loading and unloading.

Transfer trailer hydraulics

With an ACE transfer trailer, you’ll get a 384" & 456” stroke 5-stage telescopic cylinder with 99,000 lbs of compacting force. Our unique approach to moving floor trailers includes a carrier bearing attached to the “T-track” system, which reduces weight on the cylinder when in full extension. Unlike other transfer trailers, our system prioritizes efficiency and durability for more prolonged equipment lifespan and smoother work – especially for asphalt operations.

Efficiency above all else

Our “T-track” push-out system makes unloading so much more efficient, in contrast to moving floor trailers, which take 20–40 minutes to empty. Our system completes unloading in under two minutes, so you can take care of unloading several cubic yards of material in next to no time. Not only does this improve productivity across the board, but it minimizes downtime in waste management and disposal operations.

Superior trailer design

Every ACE trailer has been meticulously engineered for municipal and commercial applications. The transfer trailer ejects horizontally to eliminate any risk of tipping over at landfills, making the discharge of materials much safer and more stable. We are committed to constantly improving our trailer design to deliver enduring reliability and smoother daily operations for customers across all industries.

Strategically placed materials

Precision and efficiency converge as we take care to place each and every material in exactly the right place. Every part of our transfer trailers have been designed in a way that eliminates unnecessary weight while being strong enough to withstand the pressure of daily use. In striving for the optimal strength-to-weight ratio, we craft every trailer box to endure heavy use without compromising on quality or efficiency – even in the most demanding operational environments.

Open/closed top

For added flexibility, you have the choice of an open-top transfer trailer or a closed-top configuration. Your preference will depend on how you intend to use the trailer. Agriculture and C&D work, for example, is made easier with a trailer that allows for top-loading applications. On the other hand, the closed top is perfect for compaction in transfer stations and compactor container accounts.

Top door

The hydraulically operated top door makes top-loading and compaction processes so much easier. Ideal for stationary, self-contained trailer operations, having this functionality can make your work much more efficient across various waste management applications – no matter the size of the job or the type of waste being disposed of.

Having manufactured steel transfer trailers since 1973, we are industry leaders in delivering trailers that will economically transport high tonnages of solid waste to distant disposal sites.

Aux engine

You’ll find self-powered units available on all ACE steel transfer trailer models. Units include engines, fuel tanks, oil tanks and wired and/or wireless remote controls for complete operational flexibility and convenience.

Rear door compaction

Our rear door ejector trailers will seamlessly attach to your stationary compactor, guaranteeing a secure seal time after time. They also come in a range of different styles to meet your specific needs, such as Dutch Door and Door within Door. With so many tailored options available to you, we’ll have no trouble matching a trailer to your compactor so you can focus on the job at hand.

  • Lightest Tare Weight of any Roll-Off Trailer

  • Best in Class Maneuverability

  • Dual Lift & Reeving Cylinders


  • Wireless Remote Control (option)

  • Gross Vehicle Weight

Cost and Savings Summary

Savings and Additional Potential Revenue Gain Over a Roll-off Truck (Straight Truck)

Cost & Savings of ART-60-25* ART-60-25* & Tractor
Payload Gain Per Haul 17,600 – 18,700 lbs.
Savings on ART-60-25* & New Tractor $47,050.00 +/-
Fuel Savings Per Tractor per Year $8,070.00 – 12,105.00 +/-
Fuel Savings Per Tractor Over 5 Years

$40,350.00 - 60,525.00 +/-

* Estimate