The Ace Advantage

Don’t settle for less. You deserve an ACE!

Committed to building innovative products that increase your payload and profits, Ace has built the strongest, lightest and longest-lasting trailers on the market for more than 70 years.

  • Lighter trailers mean greater payloads and more profits.
  • More stability means less chance for upset and no wobbling when dumping.
  • Lower center of gravity means greater lifting capacity and better stability.
  • Better weight distribution means no overloads on axles.
  • Easy maintenance means less downtime.

Why only two frames?

The competition’s Roll-Off trailers typically use three traditional frames, while innovative Ace truss frame Roll-Off trailers only need TWO frames! Roll-Off trailers use a frame system to keep heavy containers, made even heavier by the load within, stable during vertical and horizontal lifts.

The Ace Truss Frame System is a simple skeletal structure. Since the individual members of a truss are only subject to tension and compression forces and not bending forces, beams in a truss bridge are straight. Comprised of many small beams, a truss can support a large amount of weight and span great distances.

The competition needs three frames:

  1. Container Frame carries the container.
  2. Tilt Frame lifts the container while loading and dumping.
  3. Trailer Frame carries the container and tilt frame. (Not Needed on an Ace)
The trailer frame simply connects the king pin to the suspension which is unnecessary on an ACE Tilt Frame Roll-Off Trailer, lowering the weight of the trailer up to 8,000 pounds!

Strong and Stable

  • Independent dual-reeving cylinders help to equalize the load.
    • The cylinders do not get jammed up on each other like dual reeves.
    • Single-lift cylinders can be unstable and adding additional cylinders may upset the trailer.
    • Single-revving cylinders may not have enough lifting capacity. Cross tubes on the lift cylinder are tied together to keep the trailer from rocking or tipping over.
  • Cross-member system offers additional support and stability.
  • Ace has no frame straightening bays because we have never bent a frame!
  • Heavy-duty, single-point spring trailer suspension.
    • 50,000 lbs. suspension is designed for rugged, off-road dumping and extreme hauling environments.
    • Trailer does not overhang which enables better weight distribution on the front axle and eliminates overload on the rear axle.
    • Spreads the load throughout the suspension, keeping the load lower and more stable.
    • Lower center of gravity (12” from the ground) eliminates the need to raise the box over the frame of the trailer (60”) which can strain the rear of the trailer and the cable.
    • Uses the fifth wheel for support and keeps all the wheels on the ground.
    • Sliding suspension option for better weight distribution on B-trains and sliding suspension trailers.


  • The competition uses a trailer frame to carry the tilt frame and the container.
  • The Ace Tilt Frame System makes the trailer frame unnecessary, eliminating up to 8,000 pounds.
  • You can carry 8,000 more pounds of payload, increasing your profits.

Easy Maintenance

  • Simple plumbing system
    • Separate plumbing in the rear of the trailer eliminates need for pipes from, and then back to, the front of the trailer.
    • Significantly less fittings reduces number of leak points.
    • Simple routing reduces stress on hoses and enables longer hose life.
  • Easy-to-use ICC rear-impact bumper

Call us now at 1-800-578-8471 and tell us about your application. We will build a lighter, stronger and more stable Ace trailer to fit your needs.