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ACE is the only manufacturer in the roll off trailer market who can guarantee you a 5-year warranty on your trailer frame. Combined with customizable features tailored to meet your specific needs as well as great customer service, you can rely on ACE to deliver you a reliable performer that will stand up to the test in even the toughest environments.


roll off trailer

As an industry leader in roll off trailers since 1988, our ACE Diamond Series Roll-Off Trailer will give you years of reliability and performance in even the toughest environments. The unique truss frame design combines strength and lightness for superior performance and longevity. With a lifting capacity of 60,000 lbs, it’s more than capable of handling rigorous hauling demands. 
Unlike traditional trailers, our frameless design allows for total manoeuvrability, fitting into spaces where others can’t, thanks to an additional hinge system. Coupled with a 5-year warranty on the trailer frame, you’ll get peace of mind that your roll off trailer will stay reliable for years to come.
Image of an Ace ART-60 roll off trailer
Image of roll off trailer unloading

Experienced trailer manufacturers

The design for our roll off trailers relies on a ‘Triangle of Stability’, uniting lift cylinders, stabilizer frame and tilt-frame for a rock-solid foundation. This allows the trailer to distribute force evenly, preventing any destabilizing effects.
Our single point suspension system optimizes weight distribution to lower the center of gravity and provides you with total stability, especially in rugged environments. Unlike conventional trailers, our trailer’s lower hinge point and stabilizer frame eliminate any side-to-side rocking motion.

Dual Lift Cylinders

Unmatched in its design, the ART-60 Series Roll-Off Trailer boasts two inverted telescopic lift cylinders, which act in unison for easy operation. Sitting within the frame for full protection, these cylinders are bound to the fifth wheel plate to deliver maximum stability during unloading and dump jobs. The lift cylinders are physically interlocked at the top and bottom in conjunction with the stabilizer frame to prevent swaying of the trailer.
short roll-off trailer tipping
Image of trailer hydraulics

Dual Independant Reeving Cylinders

The dual independent reeving cylinders give you greater control over cable operation, which means faster container unloading and less maintenance over the long term. Unlike blocked or single reeving roll off trailer setups, our system has fewer moving parts to deliver optimal performance and longevity. Additionally, our frameless design streamlines maintenance efforts, providing easier access to replaceable components.

3 points of trailer stability

Over decades of cutting-edge technology and innovative design, we’ve manufactured our roll off trailers for ultimate stability. Our trailers use two solid triangles that work in tandem on both driver and passenger sides. These triangles, built with reinforced components and a heavy-duty stabilizer frame, are anchored to the fifth wheel plate for complete stability during operation. This design allows for precise control over only the moving parts, making hauling jobs and any work with a roll off bin much safer.
Example of triangles in trailers
Ace roll-off trailer

Heavy duty stabilizer frame for roll off trailer

The heavy duty stabilizer frame has been engineered with reliability front-and-center, reinforced with 4”x4” angle welded to 4”x4”x3/8” square tubes. The incorporation of 5/8” HD frame-mounted D plates and 4”x2”x1/4” reinforced cross tubing, coupled with collars wrapped in 3/8” flat bars, means the connection between the stabilizer frame and the fifth wheel plate is completely stable and reliable.

Light & Stronger Truss Design

Our truss frame is simple and skeletal, able to stand up to tension and compression forces. Despite being lightweight, its design is incredibly strong, which makes it perfect for heavy-duty roll off trailers. The simple design also means it’s easy to fabricate and erect the trusses, giving your trailer exceptional load-bearing capabilities.
example of trusses in roll-off trailers
Ace 27' Roll-off Trailer Raised Position

Site maneuverability for Roll off trailers

Our frameless design isn’t just a feature – it’s an industry leader in manoeuvrability. The additional hinge on the stabilizer frame works in tandem with telescopic cylinders for total flexibility. This unique system allows the trailer to shorten its length when raised – to two-thirds of the full trailer length – which means easier access to areas inaccessible to traditional truck-mounted roll off trailers. In other words, ACE trailers can go where others simply can’t.

single point spring suspension

The single-point spring suspension system evenly distributes weight between axles. This creates a triangular support system for greater stability while at the same time reduces the height of the hinge point. This design keeps all eight wheels grounded at all times, providing unmatched stability even in rugged roll off trailer conditions. With its lower center of gravity, you can have confidence that your trailer will be reliable in even the most demanding terrains.
Ace Roll-off Trailer Suspension
Rear of Ace roll-off trailer

Rear of roll off trailer

The smart design of the rear of our roll off trailers means there’s no need for a stinger tail for loading and unloading. Instead, the reinforced rear end has been seamlessly integrated into the main frame. With a certified ICC bumper built to meet FMVSS regulations, the rear end prioritizes safety and compliance while making it easier to carry out your work.

Ease of Maintenance Rear Suspension

We believe that maintaining your roll off trailer should be as simple as possible. With no hydraulics in the rear and fewer components overall, our rear suspension system stands out for its ease of upkeep. By reducing hydraulic lines by 60% compared to traditional roll off trailers, we’ve streamlined the entire maintenance process and made it simpler to make standard repairs.
Trailer suspension
Ace Roll-off Trailer Suspension

Rubber Fenders

Made from 2-ply conveyor belt material, our rubber fenders are lightweight, robust and impervious to damage from containers. They are also cost-effective and highly durable, which means a longer lifespan and less time spent on maintenance hassles – all while providing superior protection for your trailer.

Front of roll off trailer

With all hydraulics centralized at the front of the roll off trailer, maintenance is a breeze. Standardized hose connections make upkeep simple while integrating the main structural components at the fifth wheel over the kingpin is an efficient design that makes it so much easier to get access for servicing and replacing parts.


Federal GVW 80,000 lbs. 80,000 lbs
Tractor (17,000)
80 Cu Yd. Container (9,000) Weight *
26,000 lbs. 26,000 lbs.
Tare Weight of Trailer 16,000 lbs 21,500-25,000 lbs.
Total Legal Payload* 38,000 lbs. 32,500-29,000 lbs.

6,500-9,000 lbs.


* Estimate -  Based on competition's trailers with equivalent hydraulic components.




Legal Payload * 38,000 lbs. 32,500-29,000 lbs.
Loads required to move 1,000,000 lbs. * 27 31-35
Hours per load * 2 2*
Total Hours




Fuel & Driver Savings

4-8 Less Trips


* Estimate

Extra Axle options

The Ace 40′ trailer gives you the option of adding more axles. From a tandem axle up to a 8 axle Michigan Special

Ace Quad Axle Roll off Trailer