40' Intermodal Dump Trailer

Intermodal Tipper Chassis
Ace Intermodal Tipper Chassis, the fastest way to load and unload your intermodal containers.

ACE Introduces the First 40′ Intermodal Container Dump Trailer
The ACF-23 is a 23-foot frame type dump trailer able to transport and dump 20-foot Intermodal containers. This trailer is designed to cut down on the handling of Intermodal containers while also increasing turnaround time and production speed.

  • Trailer is built just like our famous 40′ Roll-Off trailer with a few modifications.
  • Trailer is shorter than our Roll-Off trailer to accommodate the height of an Intermodal Container.
  • (2) Telescopic 4-stage Lift Cylinders
  • 45-degree dump angle
  • (4) Corner Bolster locks
  • (6) Tie Down Straps
  • Air Actuated ICC Bumper
Recycling Today’s Article on our ACF-23 ISO Container Tipper Chassis
  • Lightest Tare Weight of any Roll-Off Trailer

  • Best in Class Maneuverability

  • Dual Lift & Reeving Cylinders


  • Wireless Remote Control (option)

  • Gross Vehicle Weight

Cost and Savings Summary

Savings and Additional Potential Revenue Gain Over a Roll-off Truck (Straight Truck)

Cost & Savings of ART-60-25* ART-60-25* & Tractor
Payload Gain Per Haul 17,600 – 18,700 lbs.
Savings on ART-60-25* & New Tractor $47,050.00 +/-
Fuel Savings Per Tractor per Year $8,070.00 – 12,105.00 +/-
Fuel Savings Per Tractor Over 5 Years

$40,350.00 - 60,525.00 +/-

* Estimate