Ace Roll-Off Trailer Specifications

Roll-off trailer specifications are listed below. You can get PTO, Oil tank size, gallons per minute, pressure, cable info, and more. Call us at 216-458-0180 for more information.

ModelRecommended Tank Size (AW32 OIL)
25′ Length50 Gallons
27′ Length50 Gallons
28’ Length60 Gallons
ART-60-32 & ART-60-34 
32’&34’60 Gallons
36′ Length60 Gallons
ART-60-40 & ART-60-41 
40’ & 41’ Length70 gallons
Recommended operating conditions for ACE Roll-off Trailers are 2,450 PSI oil operating pressure, 40-50GPM oil flow rate, and 1300-1500 tractor R.P.M. with the P.T.O. engaged.

Hydraulic Hose Requirements – ACE does not provide hoses from the tractor to the trailer. The hoses will vary based on the wheelbase and where the connections terminate behind the cab. Ace can supply hoses, please contact your Ace Representative for more information.

Pressure Line1” High-Pressure Hose
Pressure Line Fitting 1” Female Wing Coupler
Return Line1.25” Return Line Hose
Return Line Fitting1.25” Female Wing Coupler
Ace Supplies –
1” Male Wing Coupler (pressure) & 1.25” Male Wing Coupler (Return)
The telescopic cylinder manufacturer requires a 1.25″ Return Line Hose & Fitting. Failure to comply will result in voiding of warranty, equipment malfunction, injury, or death. Quick Connect fittings on the pressure line only are acceptable.

Cable Specifications

ModelCable Length (7/8” IWRC Cable)
25′ Length90’
27′ Length95’
28’ Length100’
ART-60-34 & ART-60-36 
34′ & 36′ Length120’
ART-60-40 & ART-60-41 
40’ & 41’ Length125’

Grease Intervals

Ace recommends applying new grease WEEKLY to all components with grease zerks/fittings. Subject to change based on usage. Cable frays are most commonly attributed to a lack of grease on associated items.