Wireless Remote Control

Because Safety is of the Utmost Concern

Introducing the ACE Wireless Remote Control Box. Now you can safely control your Roll-Off Trailer from a distance, ensuring your safety and the safety of those around you. The remote control fits most Roll-Off Trailers and provides the following benefits:

  • Distances Operator from Equipment - up to 200 Feet!
  • Upgraded Vantage Point
  • Trailer Break Control
  • Weatherproof
  • Instant Performance
    Only$2999 - for a limited time only!For more details, contact sales@brosequip.com
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    • Total length of trailer when in “Up Position” is
      12’ from Rear axle of Tractor to center of tandem
      of the trailer.
    • Tractor-Trailer has a hinge, allowing the trailer to
      get into tighter areas.
    • Trailer has ability to get into areas a Roll-Off
      Truck cannot.

    Cost and Savings Summary

    Savings and Additional Potential Revenue Gain Over a Roll-off Truck (Straight Truck)

    Cost & Savings of ART-60-25* ART-60-25* & Tractor
    Payload Gain Per Haul 17,600 – 18,700 lbs.
    Savings on ART-60-25* & New Tractor $47,050.00 +/-
    Fuel Savings Per Tractor per Year $8,070.00 – 12,105.00 +/-
    Fuel Savings Per Tractor Over 5 Years

    $40,350.00 - 60,525.00 +/-

    * Estimate

    Product information

    Air Ride Tandem 60″-108″ Axle Spacing
    Air Ride Tridem 60″-108″ Axle Spacing with air lift axle on first axle
    All Spring Tridem 60″-108″ Axle Spacing, all down spring suspension
    Lengths Our Ace Canadian Roll-Off Trailers can be made in various lengths. 25′-42′ in total length
    Operation For information on how and why our trailer is the best, visit the ART-60-40 page 
    Ace Canadian Roll-Off Trailers are built to meet each individual Canadian province.  Ace offers Roll-Off Trailers that will achieve industry leading legal payload.
    Sliding Suspension Gain an additional 86″ of total length with our sliding suspension.  Applications are endless, and allows the ability to haul another trailer behind (Canadian Super B-Train)
    Spring Tandem 50,000/60,000 lbs. Single Point Suspension 50″ Spacing 
    All Down Spring Tandem with 60″+ Axle Spacing
    Suspension With our famous trailer, we offer different suspension configurations. Our Canadian Style Roll-Off Trailers can be set to any axle spacing necessary to meet each individual province’s regulations.

    Tarping System
    Aluminum Wheels
    Air Ride Suspension
    Lift/Drop Axle(s) 
    Auto-Grease System
    Auto-Tire Inflate 
    In-Cab Controls
    Removable Stops
    Tool Box
    Wireless Remote Control
    Scale System
    Inside/Outside Rail
    Dead Lift 
    Hydraulic Cable Winch
    And Many More!