Ace Lugger Hoists
The Industry's ultimate lugger hoist


Over 120° Dump Angle

  • Ace's elavated hinge pin on the arm provide a greater dump angle that no other manufacturer can match!
  • More Controlled Dump Process
  • Less "Stringing" of materials
  • All Contents in an organized pile

Body Construction

  • ½” A500 Steel Side Walls
  • 3/8” One Piece Steel Floor
  • 3/8” Steel Plate Crossmembers
  • (2) ½” Wear Strips on bed floor
  • ½” A500 Plate Solid Arms

Lifting Capacity

  • 50,000 lbs.
  • 6-30 Cubic Yard Containers
  • 120” Arms
  • 2500 PSI
  • Cylinders All Chrome Shafts
    • 9 ½” Bore Arm Cylinders
    • 4 ½” Bore 17” Stroke Fixed Jackleg Cylinders
    • 4” Bore 2 ½” 1045 Shaft Contact Cylinder

Loading of Containers

  • Arm Hinge Pins are above the bed
  • Greater lifting capacity
  • Container 12” above the bed
  • Has ability to use varying sizes of
    containers, 6 30 cu yards
  • Level Lifting Mechanism
  • 100,000 lbs. yield lift chains

Dumping the Container

  • Dumps Container load in a pile instead of a line
  • Over 120 Degree Dump Angle
  • Higher cylinder contact point gives you the most stability when dumping
  • Dumps container at least 12” above the floor
  • Dumps above Lift Lugs
  • Provides more control over container
  • Prevents damage that leads to leaking
  • Dumps higher above bed
  • Higher Dump Angle

Dump Keys

  • Dump keys are integrated with chains and lift keys
  • Dump Keys is always in correct position for dumping
  • No repositioning of container to dump
  • Contact cylinder do not slide on dump key
  • Safe, stable, and reliable
  • Complies with Cargo Securement Requirements on Containers 48" or Taller! 
  • Title 49: § 393.102 Compliant

Outrigger Cylinders

  • Fixed Outrigger Cylinders
  • Fully Contained & Protected
  • Reinforced Cylinder Sleeve Prevents Cylinder from moving
  • Less chance of damage
  • Easier for maintenance

Arm Cylinders

  • All Welded Construction
  • 100,000 lbs. Yield 3 ½” Chrome Shaft
  • Heavy duty reusable packing box
  • HD Drop pin crossheads
  • 3” Pins with grease fittings
  • 9 ½” Bore, ½” wall
  • 153,000 lbs. of lifting capacity per cylinder

Transporting & Container Distribution

  • 67% gain of distribution of load over front axle
  • Better weight distribution than any other Lugger Hoist on the market
  • Ace’s Design brings the container farther forward on the body.
  • Complies with Cargo Securement Requirements on Containers 48" or Taller! 
  • Title 49: § 393.102 Compliant


  • Nothing lasts longer than an Ace
  • Ace has units still in service that are over 50 years old.
  • This unit is a 1962 Ace Lugger on the 8 th Chassis

Lugger Trailers

  • The scrap hauling market is like every market on earth. It progresses. We understand that Lugger’s are not as efficient as Roll off’s.
  • For those who have hundreds or thousands of lugger containers but do not want to dedicate a truck chassis to an account.
  • Maximize your legal payload with an Ace Lugger Hoist Trailer!


Ace Lugger Trucks and Trailers are in a different class.

Ace specializes in maximizing legal payload and offering the best weight distribution of any Lugger Hoist available.  Ace has been producing the scrap and heavy hauling industry's ultimate workhorse for over 60 years!

Ace's unit has become the most reliable and rugged unit with 60 years of experience behind it. You will get a unit that will last up to 30 years and offers the most versatility of any unit.
Our units have the longest wheelbase of any lugger truck which provides you with the most legal payload and best weight distribution, 32% better weight distribution than any US or Canadian Lugger Truck.  We accomplish this by bringing the container farther forward on the chassis and allowing more weight to be put on the front axle.


When you're looking for a piece of equipment that you don't have to worry about, look no further. Ace Lugger Trucks &  Lugger Trailers are the solution!