Ace Super Series Lugger

Industry’s Workhorse for over 60 Years.

When it comes to the ultimate lugger hoist. Look no further than an Ace Lugger Hoist!

Cargo Securement of Lugger Containers

Ace Super Series Lugger Contact Pin Cylinders Comply with Cargo Securement Requirements with containers 48" or taller without any additional modifications!                               

Title 49: § 393.102 Compliant

Follow link below for Ace's Cargo Securement Engineering Study

Ace's Engineering Study for Cargo Securement

  • Lightest Tare Weight of any Roll-Off Trailer

  • Best in Class Maneuverability

  • Dual Lift & Reeving Cylinders


  • Wireless Remote Control (option)

  • Gross Vehicle Weight

Cost and Savings Summary

Savings and Additional Potential Revenue Gain Over a Roll-off Truck (Straight Truck)

Cost & Savings of ART-60-25* ART-60-25* & Tractor
Payload Gain Per Haul 17,600 – 18,700 lbs.
Savings on ART-60-25* & New Tractor $47,050.00 +/-
Fuel Savings Per Tractor per Year $8,070.00 – 12,105.00 +/-
Fuel Savings Per Tractor Over 5 Years

$40,350.00 - 60,525.00 +/-

* Estimate

Product information

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Gross Lifting Capacity 60,000 lbs. Highest Capacity in Class
Container Capacity 6-30 Cubic Yards 6 Cu. Yards More Than Any Competitor's Lugger
Dump Degree 120° Controlled Dump and Less "Stringing" of Material
Arm Length 120" Versatility of Container Sizes
Operating Pressure 3400 PSI
Weight Distribution Best in class Arm Hinge is above bed. This allows the container to be brought 24" farther forward towards the cab.
Cycle Time Lowered Position
Raised Position
59 Seconds
48 Seconds
Subframe 10" Structural Channel Industry Standard
Side Boxes 1/2" Plate
2"x2" Angle Iron Reinforcement
Thicker and Higher Yield Steel. Longest Life
Added Strength, Prevents Sides from Bending
Body Floor 3/8" Formed
Hinge Pins 3" with Grease Zerks Higher Yield & Heavier Duty
Walking Steps Both Driver and Passenger Side Easy Access From Any Direction
Cab Protector 3/8" Angle Iron Welded to Body Frame More protection, Prevents Container from Shifting
Wear Strips 1/2" x4" Wear Strips Prevents Damage to Body's Deck
Access Panels Front & Rear of Body Easy Access to All Components
Body Frame Mounts (4)1/2" Tie Down Rod with 1/2" Plate
(8) 5/8"x 2 1/2" Plate with Grade 8 Nuts
Longer Life than Bolt Clamps
Welded to Body, Bolted to Truck Frame
Arm Construction 1/2" Steel, One Solid Plate, Square Construction
4x4" Angle Iron Reinforcement
Square Design is Stronger and Provides Consistant Strength.
Added Strength to Arms
Arm Hinges Pin/Collar with Grease Zerks Long Life Expectancy, Easier Maintenance
Drop Pins Replaces Load Shaft Easy to repair/replace. Saves hours of labor
Cross Bar 3" 1018 Cold Bar Stronger and Higher Yield, Lasts longer
Arm Cylinder 9 1/2" ID, 3 1/2" Chrome Shaft All Welded Construction with drop pin connection
Contact Cylinder 2 1/2" shaft w/ Snap Ring for Quick Repair Can be fixed without removing cylinder from truck
Outriggers Hydraulic Vertical Fully Enclosed for Protection with Easy Access
Contact Cylinder 2 1/2" shaft w/ Snap Ring for Quick Repair Can be Fixed Without Removing Cylinder from Truck
Contact Cylinder Hose Inside Lift Arm Protects Hose from Premature Wear
Lift Hooks (Front) 2-4 hole Largest Versatilty of Containers Can Be Used
Dump Keys Replaced "J" Hook Safer and Significantly More Controlled Operation
Saddle Blocks 3" x 8" Flame Cut Allows Chain to Swivel for Level Operation
Chain 5/8" High Alloy Chain
U-Bolts 1/2"x24" U-Bolt
Hydraulic Flow Rate 35 Gallons Per Minute
Hydraulic LInes Under Body with Access Panel Easier to Replace and Simpler Routing
Hoses 3000 PSI with Nylon Sleeves Safety and Driver Protection is Paramount
Oil Tank 50 Gallon, Truck Fame Mount Out of Harms Way, Easy to Fill
Hydraulic Pump P-365 Pump 3500 PSI Operating Pressure
Valve Commercial Valve Rugged and Reliable Valve
In-Cab Controls Air Feathering Controls for Precise Operation
Side Marker, Rear Marker, Reverse, STT, 3- Bar Cluster, License Plate
Container Sizes With an Ace Super Series Lugger Hoist, you can utilize larger containers than ever before! 
Ace Super Series Luggers can lift and dump any container between 6-30 cubic yards. 
That is 6 cubic yards more than any our Competitor’s lugger hoists! 
Ace offers over 300 different configurations of Lugger Containers suited for every application.  
Dumping Ace Super Series Luggers use our patented “Dump Key” in lieu of a “J-Hook” Style Dump Plate.  This ensures a higher degree of control and larger containers are now possible. Our “Dump Keys” allow the operator to dump the load perfectly every time, which cannot be said for our competition’s lugger hoists. Most importantly, Ace's Dump Keys offer the safest dump style of any lugger on the market. 
Longevity Ace positions the necessary material in the correct location to ensure years of excellence. The average Ace Lugger Hoist last 25 years.  Some of our customers have had the same Ace Lugger Hoist for over 40 years.
Maintenance Every aspect of the unit is mechanic friendly. If you’re one of the many customers who have both Ace Lugger Hoists and Ace Roll-Off Trailers, many of the cylinder components are interchangeable from an Ace Lugger to an Ace Roll-Off Trailer.
Performance There is not a lugger hoist on the market that will out lift and outperform an Ace Super Series Lugger Hoist. Each unit is tested and rated to respective lifting capacity. Our 50,000 lbs. Hoist will lift 50,000 lbs. while the truck is idling.  The same is true for any other lugger hoist we produce.  We have been told but numerous Ace Lugger users that “Nothing will out Lift an Ace”.  Each unit is produced with the most abusive environment in mind.
Weight Distribution On average Ace Lugger Users achieve a 33% better weight distribution than units produced by other lugger hoists manufacturers.  This is possible because an Ace Lugger Hoist allows the container to be placed 36” farther forward on the deck.  This allowed the container to be centered evenly between the steer axle and the rear tandem. As a result, our users have experienced less overweight fines than our competition’s customers.  Ask almost any user of our competition’s units, their biggest issue is weight distribution.

Tarping System
Aluminum Wheels
Air Ride Suspension
Lift/Drop Axle(s) 
Auto-Grease System
Auto-Tire Inflate 
In-Cab Controls
Removable Stops
Tool Box
Wireless Remote Control
Scale System
Inside/Outside Rail
Dead Lift 
Hydraulic Cable Winch
And Many More!