Every crushed car trailer is designed to meet the unique needs of different industries and applications.

Reliability and longevity

When it comes to our crushed car trailers, you’ll instantly see ACE’s quality and reliability in our meticulous construction of every vehicle. Our trailers are built from scratch with zero mixing and matching of components. That means you can rest easy knowing the integrity of your trailer’s frame will last you – and your – business – for years to come. If you’re ready to get started, reach out and we’ll learn about your unique requirements so we can tailor a crushed car trailer to meet your needs.

Our double-drop crushed car haulers deliver unparalleled efficiency and longevity. Having been in the game since the 1970s, you can trust that our heavy-duty crushed car trailers represent the pinnacle of engineering excellence. Built specifically to meet the needs of operators in the crushed car recycling industry, these trailers have curtain sides for easy loading, a fluid containment system and additional capturing bin options.

Also featuring drop decks and shower curtain sides, our trailers make loading and unloading work hassle-free. The ratcheting cable system secures down-loads easily and – most importantly – safely. Equipped with heavy-duty Hutch Spring trailer suspensions, Hendrickson & Ridewell air suspensions and Air Lift suspensions, our trailers have superior load capacity, handling and long-lasting performance.

Custom flat bed trailers or step deck trailers

If you have a flatbed or step deck trailer that’s no longer able to haul crushed cars due to federal laws, ACE can get you exactly what you need. Rather than buying a brand-new trailer, we offer a retrofitting service that will modify your existing trailer to meet federal laws and cater to your specific requirements.

Within as little as four weeks, we can install side curtains that are compliant with federal laws onto your flatbed trailer. Our services include custom fabrication of sides and doors, comprehensive cleaning, professional painting and more. The result? A fully restored old flatbed trailer that feels brand new. Why not save money while customizing your flat bed trailer to meet the latest regulations?

Length of trailers

At ACE we have an extensive range of trailer lengths to cater to all sorts of crushed car hauler requirements. Choose from single-drop options ranging between 40’, 45’, 48’, 50’ and 53’, or look into our selection of double-drop trailers available in 40’, 45’ and 48’ lengths. There’s an option to suit every transportation need.

Construction of the walls

Choose from a number of side constructions that match up with your specific loading preferences:

  • Open side: Load from both driver and passenger sides while minimizing the overall weight for better hauling capacity.
  • Solid side: Provides solid walls on the front, back and either driver or passenger side. Less work to secure the load is also a big drawcard, although it is the heavier option.
  • Skeleton side: Mixing the benefits of open and solid sides, the skeleton has curtains applied on both trailer sides.

Closing the open side

We can custom fabricate sides, so choose from a few different options to close the open sides of your trailer for easier transportation of crushed cars. The mesh curtain, vinyl/mesh curtain combo and swing doors are extremely adaptable solutions.

Our standout innovation, however, has to be the hydraulic clam shell. This groundbreaking technology maximizes containment and makes every transport job more efficient. By removing the need to secure things manually, you’ll be safer on-the-job and reduce the chances of spillage and other trailer-related incidents.

Axle configurations

We have plenty of flexible axle configurations to meet your needs for crushed car trailers. Our reliable spring suspensions have a fixed setup at the rear, which means durability and stability. Alternatively, our air ride suspensions have a few different configurations, including rear placement, 10-2 spread and rear axle lift capabilities.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find an axle configuration that makes your trailer more adaptable and allows it to perform to your specific operational requirements. In other words, you can expect optimal efficiency with every haul.

Clam shell trailer

Experience a massive difference in hauling efficiency with our clam shell trailer. Our best-in-class design leverages full enclosure technology that eliminates any need to manually secure crushed cars.

The hydraulic wall guarantees secure containment in transit, which will result in big time savings and safer work conditions.

Crushed car trailer manufacturing

We’re leaders in the crushed car recycling industry, delivering top-tier efficiency and durability that always meets your individual needs. Our commitment to building robust, long-lasting haulers is backed up by our decades of industry expertise and customer-focused design.

So if you’re looking for a crushed car trailer that comes with unwavering service, unmatched quality, and exceptional performance, you’ll find that ACE crushed car trailers are the benchmark for excellence.