Built from the Ground Up or On Any New or Used Flatbed Trailer.

Ace Car Haulers are built specifically for each customer and application.

Reliability and Longevity

Ace Car Haulers are always built from the ground up and with no mix and matching of components. This keeps the integrity of the trailer frame and will last you and your company for years to come. Call us at 800-578-8471 to discuss your requirements and we will build a car hauler to fit your unique application today.

Ace Crushed Car Trailers/ Haulers are the pinnacle of efficiency and longevity with Double-Drop Ace Crushed Car Haulers!

At Ace, we pride ourselves in manufacturing heavy-duty Ace crushed car trailers and haulers designed specifically for each individual customer needs. After 60 years of crushed car trailer manufacturing, our crushed car haulers have become the apex of the industry.

The Ace Crushed Car Trailer/ Hauler is engineered specifically for the crushed car recycling industry. Each Crushed Car Trailer/Hauler, curtain sides for easy loading, containment system for capturing oil and fluids, with additional capturing bin options available.

The drop deck(s) and shower curtain sides allow for easy loading/unloading capabilities and the heavy-duty ratcheting cable system makes strapping downloads easier, faster and safer. Additional Options Available.

We use a heavy-duty Hutch Spring Trailer Suspensions that provides industry-leading load capacity, handling and longevity. As well as Hendrickson & Ridewell Air Suspensions and Air Lift Suspensions.

Quick, easy, to the point.  Most cost-effective way to move your crushed cars.

Custom Flat-Bed Trailers or Step Deck Trailers

If you have a flatbed trailer or step deck trailer but are no longer able to haul crushed cars anymore because of federal laws, we have the solution! Ace offers a cheaper option than a new trailer.  We can retrofit trailer sides on crushed car trailers to comply with federal laws and your personal needs

We can install sides curtains on your flatbed trailer in as little as 4 weeks to comply with federal laws.

We will custom fabricate sides, doors, clean and custom paint your old flatbed trailer to look like a brand new trailer.  All while saving you thousands of dollars!