Ace Intermodal Tipper Chassis, the fastest way to load and unload your intermodal containers.


Ace Introduces Intermodal Dump (Tipper) Trailers  to expedite the tranport of bulk contents.   This new line of products from Ace takes ideas from our 80 year history and impliments it in a new market in need of innovation.  

Whether its a 20' Container, 40' Container, or you need to haul both 20's &40's, Ace has a solution for you.

Using the knowledge and experience we have gained from 60 + years of truck body and trailer manufacturing; we have designed a line built for efficiency and ease.   

  • Trailer is built just like our famous 25' & 40′ Roll-Off trailer with a few modifications.
  • Trailer is shorter in height than our Roll-Off trailer to accommodate the height of an Intermodal Container.
  • 45-70-degree dump angle depending on model and dump cylinder
  • (2) Telescopic 4-stage Lift Cylinders
  • (4) Corner Bolster Locks with handle locks