Ace 32' Roll Off Trailer

Ace Frameless 32′ Vs Frame 34′ Roll Off Trailer

Solving a Customer’s Bridge Formula Issue
For most material haulers, getting the absolute most legal material is an everyday struggle.  With stiffer D.O.T regulations across the country, material haulers cannot haul the same amount of material as they use to be able to.  Some of that is because of enforcement of the Federal and State weight restrictions. Mostly it is due to using outdated hauling equipment and practices. 

One incident the team at Ace helped solve for a now satisfied customer is as follows:

This customer was unhappy with the legal payload they were able to achieve with existing hauling equipment.  This customer was operating a 33′ Tri-Axle Roll Off Trailer. Below is an example of the trailer.  This customer was able to reach 78,000 GVW in lieu of the 80,000 GVW that they had wanted.  Now 2,000 lbs. may not seem like a lot, but with an average of 4 hauls per day, that quickly adds up to 4 tons that this customer was missing out on PER DAY. 
Customers Existing Roll Off Trailer (33′ Overall Length)The key factor in the Federal Bridge Formula is the distance between the Kingpin and the Rear Axle Center (290″ or 24′ 2“).  With this tri-axle 33′ trailer, the customer was hauling a max 78,000 GVW. 
Ace 32' Tri-Axle Roll Off TrailerAce 32′ Tri-Axle Roll Off Trailer (33′ Overal Length) With our Ace 32′ Roll off Trailer, the dimension between the Kingpin & the Rear Axle Center is 27′ or 325″.   This is 3 feet more than the customer’s existing trailer of the same overall length.  With every foot in the Federal Bridge Formula adding 500 lbs..  Our Ace Roll Off Trailer adds 1,500 lbs. purely based on axle spread over their other trailer. With this Ace 32′ Trailer, this customer was able to achieve the illusive 80,000 lbs. GVW.  but that is only the beginning! 

– 32′ Containers without overhang vs. 31′ Containers
– Better weight distribution of axles as Ace’s tail is short allowing for less over hang
– Lighter tare weight, roughly 3,000 lbs. less weight than comparable trailer (2017 or newer, older trailers up to 7,000 lbs. less weight)
-To compete with weight of an Ace, manufacturer’s have removed cylinders to narrow the gap. Thus removing strength and stability from the trailer.
One last thing. Due to the way our ACE Roll off Trailers are designed, the trailers actually shrink in overall length when loading and unloading containers.  This feature helped this customer pick up additional accounts that their roll off trucks and other roll off trailers could not access.