Ace 120-RC-50 Lugger Hoist Truck

Ace is Solving Lugger Customer’s Issues

We want to thank American Iron & Metal (AIM) for allowing us to outfit your existing lugger chassis with a New Ace 50,000 lbs. Lugger Hoist Body (120-RC-50). AIM’s chassis was outfitted with a Canadian manufacturer’s lugger hoist and wasn’t meeting the needs of AIM in the USA. By switching to an Ace 120-RC-50 Lugger Hoist, AIM was able to service all the accounts that required larger containers that their previous lugger hoist body could not lift. Now AIM has the ability to haul up to 30 cu. yard containers vs. the 20 cu. yards of the Canadian manufacturer. Since the Canadian style lugger hoist was significantly shorter in length, we added a tag axle after the tandem. This allows them to carry more legal weight and have the same wheel base as before. Many thanks to AIM for allowing us to solve their problem with a New Ace Lugger Hoist Body (120-RC-50)

Video Below of This Unit Dumping a Container’s Contents

Give us a call today if you are currently have weight distribution, container sizing or durability issues with your lugger trucks.