Cargo Securement Remedy for Non- Ace Lugger Truck Hoists

Ace’s remedy to comply with CVSA’s new cargo securement regulations (Title 49: § 393.102) is simplistic but effective. This option works on all lugger trucks that do not comply with “hydraulic pin & channel” securement.

Ace’s Option is thought of with drivers and efficiency in mind as securing the container takes less than one minute per side!

Simply attach grab hook to the open slot on front lift key on the container’s front lift lug and pull chain through the first banjo eye and
then the second banjo eye for back up securement.

Included in the Kit:

· (2) 15” Grab Hooks 12,000 lbs. Working Load Limit (WLL)

· (2) 36” 1/2” Grade 80 Chain 80,000 lbs. WLL

· (2) Chain Hook Connectors

· (4) 1/2” Banjo Eye” Chain Securement Plate (Weld On)

4– Hole Lift Keys are available to help the driver remain on the ground.

Can be used on all lugger body makes and models!

Below is a link to CVSA’s Inspection Bulletin for 2020-2025

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