Lugger Truck- Ace Super Series Are Superior

Since 1962, Ace has been producing the industry leading lugger truck. In that time frame, we have redesigned the lugger truck market. Whereas, other brands are still using original designs from the 1950’s & 1960’s; Ace continually updates our market leading lugger hoists.

Dumping the Container

Ace Super Series lugger hoists are the only lugger truck that doesn’t use “J-Hooks” to dump the containers. The other brands “J-Hooks” have the ability to slide off the dump pin cylinder when in operation. With the heavy-weight containers seen in the lugger truck market, this is seen to be taboo for our company. Our patented “Dump Keys” and “J-Hooks” still use the same container lug opening, chain connector hole, and area for for dump pin cylinder to contact for dumping purposes.

What Ace has done, we have reversed the location of the dump pin and container lug. This allows the container lug to always be at the bottom of the key and allows the dump pin cylinder to be in the middle of the key. In turn, prevents the container from ever being in the position that it will “pop off” during operation. Below you will see how an Ace Super Series Lugger reverses the operation seen by other lugger hoist manufacturers.

No More “Slamming on Brakes”

Ace Lugger Truck

With Ace’s patented “dump keys” and how we mount the lugger hoist arms. The days of “slamming on the brakes to shift the container, is a thing of the past. The method of shifting the container forward is not only dangerous. But, it also can cause premature wear on the chains, arms, hinges, and body floor. Ace can sidestep this action by eliminating the need for a “loadshaft”. On the other brands of lugger hoists, the arms are mounted to a single 2.5″ shaft that runs the entire inside length of the body and below the deck of the body.

This creates two problems.

  • This creates the “slamming on the brakes” necessity as the hinge is lower in the body and creates different cylinder grab angles.
  • Repair and replacement are very challenging as the load shaft is located underneath the body.

We have heard of many instances of removing the body of the truck or cutting the loadshaft into multiple pieces to remove. Ace uses stub shafts to combat this problem. It allows for easy access, repair, & replacement. No more removing the body to fix a hinge pin!

Higher Degree of Dump Angle

Ace Lugger Truck Hoist

Due to using the higher hinge pin, our Ace Super Series luggers now have the highest dump angle of any lugger hoist on the market. Repositioning the hinge pin allowed us to provide a higher dump angle and a larger size range of containers. Our Ace unit can accommodate containers as small as 6 cu. yards and as large as 30 cu. yard containers. Allowing for an additional 6 cu. yards over any of our competition’s units.

Weight Distribution

With the aformentioned stub shaft hinge pin, this also allows us to bring the container another 24″ farther forward onto the lugger container. Many times, we have heard that there isn’t proper weight distribution on lugger trucks. This is not true. Just like anything, you need the right tool for the job.

Ace Lugger Truck Hoist

On the other brands of lugger trucks, the centerline of the container is in between the truck’s tandem. As you can see from the picture above, the centerline of the container is at the center of the first axle of the tandem. This allows more weight to be transferred forward towards the front axle of the truck.

Ace is the Only Lugger Truck Compliant with Cargo Securement Without Modifications!

Our patented dump keys and higher dump pin location allow the container to lock into an Ace lugger truck when in transfer. While other brands need straps to secure the containers.

An Ace does not!

Overall, more secure for your driver, has less chance of injury to the driver, and higher turnaround time.

The above picture is used in CVSA Securement Inspection. This picture is of an Ace Lugger Hoist.

For more information on lugger truck cargo securement – view the below link