Michigan Ace Lugger Hoist

We had the pleasure to work with Rob and John at Friedland Industries Inc., based in Lansing, MI. Rob needed a lugger hoist that would stand the test of time based on the rugged conditions faced in Michigan due to weather and legal weight limits. After some research, Rob realized that our Ace was the only product he felt comfortable with. The lugger hoist we delivered to Rob & Friedland Industries was a hybrid of our 50,000 lbs. Lugger Hoist (120-RC-50) and our 60,000 Lugger Hoist (120-RC-60).

Our Ace 120-RC-60 is used primarily in extreme heavy haul applications and in around the clock operations such as steel mill services. For the team at Friedland, we knew our 120-RC-50 would be perfectly fine, but its always best to be sure. So we modified the unit into our heaviest duty unit while keeping the price tag closer to our 120-RC-50.

This modification is becoming extremely common place that we are now introducing this as a standalone unit for Ace (120-RC-50HD). For those, who know that they’ll need to lift the world and then some; but are staying within the legal weight limits of their state. This unit is exactly for them! This modified unit is based on our long standing flagship lugger hoist. All 61 years of refining our Ace unit in a more robust and sleek package. Ace 120-RC-50HD uses the same parts as the our 120-RC-50. So no need to worry about stocking different parts than your existing Ace Lugger Hoists.

For more information on our 120-RC-50HD Lugger hoist, please feel free to reach out to Lee or Jason!


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Ace 120-RC-50HD Lugger Hoist. Friedland Industries - Lansing, MI